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The thoracic spine is located between your lower back and your neck. It supports the rib cage and is the structure to which the ribs attach. It is made up of vertebrae and discs just like the neck and lower back and its position in space and movement is important for our posture. It is important to move this part of the spine forward and back and into rotation. Below describes a good way to encourage rotation for the thoracic and lumbar spine


  • Lie on your side with your head supported and your knees bent up to 80-90 degrees
  • Place your arms in front of you in front of your chest with hands together
  • Lift your top arm up and over your body towards the floor behind you drawing a semicircle
  • Let your trunk roll with the movement
  • Hold at the end of movement for a breathe
  • Lift the arm up and reverse the semicircle movement until back at the start
  • Complete as per Physiotherapist guidelines

Book opening short lever

  • Lift the arm up with a bent elbow until back at the start


  • Ensure you keep your head supported on the pillow or ground
  • Take your time and breathe throughout the exercise
  • Stop if you feel pain or are unsure of the technique
  • If you are unsure, please speak to your physiotherapist