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Tandem walking is an excellent dynamic balance exercise with multiple options for progressions. The heel-toe tap as shown below is an advancement that may be prescribed by your treating Physiotherapist. In the clinic we have used a line of tape however in the home you may use floorboards, a line in the carpet or a piece of string or tape measure.

Tandem walking


  • Position one foot on the line
  • Slowly place the other foot directly in front of the toes of the starting foot
  • The heel of the leading foot should be as close as able to the toes of the standing foot
  • Continue along the line moving slowly

Heel-toe tap


  • The positioning is as above ‘tandem walking’
  • Prior to placing the foot down, tap the heel in front of the toes and then tap the toes behind the heel of the standing leg
  • Move the foot then in front of the standing leg and repeat on the opposing side
  • Continue along the line moving slowly


  • Avoid scrunching through the toes
  • Avoid using arms away from the body to steady yourself if able
  • Complete in an open space