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  • Your Physiotherapist will provide or recommend a Theraband of appropriate resistance for this exercise
  • Anchor the Theraband to a sturdy point, low to the ground forming a hoop
  • Step into the band and secure the band underneath the bones on the inside and outside of your ankle
  • Move the target limb forward to take up the tension of the band
  • Keep the opposing limb straight and behind for stability
  • Slowly move the knee of the target limb over the top of the ankle, increasing the movement at the ankle joint
  • Hold for the period of time designated by your Physiotherapist
  • Extend the knee from the lunge position and repeat as per prescribed repetitions


  • It is advisable to complete this next to a bench or wall for balance purposes
  • Your Physiotherapist may demonstrate variations of this exercise with the foot elevated on a step or at bench height