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The pelvis is the powerhouse of all movement for the spine. When the pelvis moves it dictates a response from the spine.

The sit bones are the bony processes that you can feel underneath your bottom. They are the drivers of movement not only for the pelvis but also a knock-on effect for the spine. Ability to roll the sitbones and lengthen the sitbones form the basis for our most fundamental movements- sit to stand, walking, running, climbing stairs etc. By driving our movement from our sitbones it helps reduce the stress on our spinal joints and allow your deep system muscles to facilitate movement.

The pelvis has four movements which help with our day to day mobility and the following videos will help you to gain confidence in those movements.


  • This requires weight shift and rotation of the pelvis
  • Try and drive the movement from the sitbones
  • Lie with knees bent up in crook lying
  • Transfer your weight to the right side of the pelvis
  • Gently float the left sitbone off the ground and then grow your left knee long and away
  • Do not push through the left foot to achieve the movement but rather transfer the weight to the left foot
  • The other sitbone will naturally shorten
  • Alternate side to side
  • Sustain as per Physiotherapist guidelines


  • Try to visualise the movement coming from the sitbones
  • Do not clench your buttocks
  • Do not hold your breath or hold tension in your shoulders or neck
  • Take your time and breathe throughout the exercise
  • Think of it as a slow controlled movement
  • Stop if you feel pain or are unsure of the technique
  • If you are unsure, please speak to your physiotherapist