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The plantar fascia is connective tissue along the base of the foot. It starts at the heel and extends forward into the arch of the foot.  It can become inflamed and sore when walking or running and can be experienced as local heel pain or extend along the base of the foot. Keeping good length in the plantar fascia is important to reduce pain and inflammation around this area.


  • Stand facing the wall
  • Place the balls of your right foot up onto the wall with your heel resting on the floor
  • Gently press your body forward towards the wall
  • You should feel a strong stretch into both calf and the arch of the foot
  • Sustain as per Physiotherapist guidelines


  • Be aware that stretching of the plantar fascia can be quite a strong stretch so use caution and stretch to the point where you feel on the edge of discomfort.
  • If you are unsure, please speak to your physiotherapist