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PNF or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation can be utilised to gain greater mobility through a contract relax technique. Your Physiotherapist may have completed this during a session by asking you to resist a movement for a period of time followed by greater movement into the range of restriction. This can also be achieved at home using an exercise band, chair or towel.  

The two videos below demonstrate this technique for the Quadriceps muscle in standing or kneeling. Your Physiotherapist will advise which is appropriate for you.


  • Wrap the end of the target limb in the resistance band
  • To complete this in kneeling take the knee of the target limb to the ground and bring the foot of the opposite side into a lunge position 
  • Using the hands on the band, pull the knee into the point of first resistance
  • From here press the foot down towards the floor for 5s
  • As you release the resistance, use the arms to pull up into a greater flexed position
  • Repeat this process another 3-5 times or at the discretion of your treating therapist


  • For the kneeling technique support the target limb on a soft surface such as a mat or pillow
  • To progress in standing, support yourself next to a wall for balance and complete the steps as above