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Tightness in the gluteal muscles can cause issues with hip, knee and lower back mobility. This in turn can result in stiffness and pain. Releasing this area with a spiky ball or a roller can be of great benefit for the back and lower limb.


  • Sit in long leg position or with knees bent up
  • Arms are behind you to allow you to use them for support
  • Place the spiky under your buttocks
  • Place your weight on your arms and roll your buttocks up, down and side to side on the ball
  • You can change the intensity by increasing your weight on the ball
  • If you find a sore spot you can hold and wait on that point until the tightness subsides
  • Complete for 3-4 mins


  • The spiky ball can be significantly sore when using it to release the fascia and muscles.
  • Exercise caution and use to the level of soreness you can tolerate 
  • Be mindful of not causing pain in the arms as you weight bear through them – be aware of any limitations
  • If you are unsure, please speak to your physiotherapist