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A Romanian deadlift is a strengthening exercise that targets the hamstring muscle. During the movement the hamstring muscle is lengthening as the hips move backwards. This method of strength training both strengthens and lengthens the muscle fibres. This exercise can be completed at home with flour/buckets of water or traditional free weights or kettle bells.


  • Stand on the affected leg with the knee softly bent
  • Hold the weight either with the hands at each end as shown or with a grip so the palms are facing the legs
  • Use the toes of the unaffected leg for stability however the weight should be in the standing leg
  • With the arms relaxed lower the weight towards the knee
  • The hips move backwards and the knee maintains the soft position without bending
  • When the point of tension is reached through the muscle at the back of the thigh, slowly return to the starting position


  • There should be a line from the head to the tailbone without collapsing through the chest
  • The knee should not bounce or move inwards
  • The arms must stay relaxed/straight
  • Ensure the arch of the supporting foot doesn’t collapse inwards
  • Avoid arching out through the lumbar spine


  • As shown in the video below, your therapist may add in lifting the opposing leg during the movement
  • This challenges both the balance and core stability
  • Maintain a level pelvis, avoid opening the side of the leg that is lifting