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Nordics describe an exercise in which the muscle loads ‘eccentrically’. Eccentric means to activate the muscle as it lengthens. Nordic Hamstring exercises have been shown to improve both length and strength of the muscle whilst reducing injury risk.


  • Using a mat or comfortable flooring underneath the knees come into a kneeling position
  • Place the top 1/3rd of the foot underneath a cabinet as shown here or a heavy dumbbell
  • In an upright posture with the arms crossed over the chest tuck the pelvis ‘under’ so the gluteal muscles are active
  • Maintaining a straight line from the head to the tailbone, lower the trunk towards the ground to the point where you cannot maintain the position anymore
  • At this point, use the arms to catch yourself
  • Bend the knees so the buttocks is on the heels and return to the starting position


  • Avoid arching out through the lumbar spine
  • Relax through the neck and shoulders
  • Ensure that the method of anchoring the feet is strong enough