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The following post demonstrates isometric strengthening of one of the calf muscles, the Gastrocnemius. Your Physiotherapist will determine which variation is appropriate for you and the repetitions required.


  • Sitting on your bottom extend the legs out against a wall or step
  • With the target limb, press the forefoot into the step without letting the ankle joint move
  • Keep the knee pressing into the ground to maintain a straight leg
  • Relax the pressure from the forefoot and repeat as per Physiotherapist guidelines
  • Ensure you’re sitting upright on the sit bones and not collapsing through the chest

Heel raise:

  • Stand with the heels coming off the edge of the step/ledge
  • With straight knees elevate both heels above the height of the step
  • Take the unaffected limb off the step so you are maintaining the weight through the target leg
  • Keep the heel stacked over the second toe and avoid the ankle collapsing outwardly
  • Maintain the heel raise position as per Physiotherapist guidelines
  • Ensure there is something stable to maintain balance