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  • Perform lying on your back with the knees gently bent and feet firmly planted
  • Using your index and middle finger find the bony points of the pelvis and drop into the valley inside on the abdomen as we are completing a pelvic floor co contraction with the deep abdominal muscles
  • Breathe in allowing the belly to relax and expand
  • On the exhalation engage the pelvic floor as if you were trying to stop yourself from passing wind
  • You should feel the muscles underneath your fingers tighten up also
  • Complete these 3 variations in contraction:
    • 10x fast reps¬†
    • 8-12 reps of 6-8 second maximum voluntary contraction
    • 60 seconds submaximal 30-50% contraction¬†


These should always be taught by your Physiotherapist to ensure correct technique. It should not feel like the pelvic floor is bearing down or like there is any heaviness through the pelvic floor.