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This strengthening exercise is designed to enhance awareness and control of the muscles that protract and retract the shoulder blades.


  • With bent elbows, place the forearm onto the wall slightly below the line of the shoulder joint 
  • With a relaxed neck squeeze the shoulder blades together 
  • Move in the opposing direction and round through the chest pulling the shoulder blades apart 
  • Repeat 

Single arm instructions:

  • Take the target limb to the wall at shoulder height
  • Press the hand into the wall whilst pressing the shoulder blade away from midline
  • Slowly then draw the shoulder blade towards the spine
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapists guidelines

Step instructions:

  • Position yourself in a plank or modified plank on the knees (not shown below)
  • Shuffle to the end of the step
  • Pushing through the hands, draw the sternum towards the spine and press the shoulder blades apart
  • Keep the affected arm in contact with the step with a straight elbow
  • Slowly lower the unsupported limb between the ground and the level of the step


  • Excessive hip movement forwards/backwards
  • Arching through the lower back
  • Neck extension