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For this exercise, your Physiotherapist will guide you in regards to what form of resistance is appropriate. This will also depend on what you have access to in terms of equipment. Both videos below demonstrate resistance from a cable machine or a theraband.


  • Standing in an upright posture clasp either the cable machine handles or the ends of the theraband
  • Maintaining straight elbows, draw the arms back by your side body
  • As you reach the final degrees of the movement squeeze the shoulder blades together
  • Slowly control the return of the movement to the starting position
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapist guidelines


  • Avoid drawing the shoulders up to the ears
  • Maintain an upright and open chest posture
  • Be aware of clenching the jaw and unnecessary tension
  • Ensure the resistance doesn’t pull you back to the start position, control the movement