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Pelvic stability is vital to maintain unilateral lower limb control. The gluteus medius is a part of the gluteal complex at the posterior aspect of the hip, responsible for hip abduction and rotation. The ‘wall ball push’ strengthens this muscle to ensure optimum stability.


  • Stand with both feet firmly planted directly underneath the hips (the affected side away from the ball)
  • Position the fitball below the hip in the middle portion of the outer thigh
  • Lifting the foot closest to the wall off the floor, maintain pelvic control 
  • Press the knee into the fitball towards the wall
  • Soften the standing leg and move the hips slightly back
  • Hold for 5-8 seconds
  • Muscle activation should be felt in the lateral hip of the supporting leg
  • NOTE: an advancement is shown in the video below “arabesque” where the leg in contact with the ball extends. This needs to be completed under the guise of your treating therapist.


  • Utilise the wall for balance if required
  • Ensure that the trunk doesn’t shift 
  • Ensure the pelvis doesn’t drop