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The wrist extensors are the group of muscles coursing from the outside of the elbow, along the top of the forearm to the fingertips. These muscles are responsible for extending the wrist. Common with conditions such as ‘Tennis Elbow’ these muscles can become weakened and play a vital in our upper limb function.

Concentric wrist extension


  • Position yourself with the affected limb positioned on a bench or as shown below or resting on the knee
  • The elbow should be bent to approximately 90 degrees
  • Using a hand weight prescribed by your physiotherapist, slowly extend the wrist and lower it past the level of the table or knee
  • Repeat this extension for the determined number of repetitions


  • Relax the shoulders and neck
  • Avoid forcefully gripping the hand weight
  • Keep the palm facing the ground, avoid rotating the wrist up or down