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Pre-employment assessment

Why conduct pre-employment functional assessments?

Pre-employment assessments are used primarily to determine whether a worker will be able to adequately perform the inherit requirements of a job. Additionally, these assessments can also help employers to identify pre-existing injuries and determine musculoskeletal risks prior to employment, which allows the employer to implement reasonable adjustments and support the health of their workforce. Our physiotherapists are highly experienced in conducting musculoskeletal pre-employment functional assessments across a range of industries, for both blue and white collar workers.


What is included in a pre-employment assessment?

Our assessments include:

  • Tailored health screening questionnaires
  • Thorough review of job demands / requirements
  • Comprehensive physical assessments
  • Summary report and risk profile


We can also sub-contract these services to corporate health companies requirement pre-employment assessments conducted in the Newcastle region.