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Work Injury Programs

Our physiotherapists are Medicare and work cover accredited, and trained in confident return to work after injury 

Work Injury / CTPM 

To receive physiotherapy for a work injury under work cover or a compulsory third party (CTP) insurer you will need a GP or “Nominated Treating Doctor” (NTD) referral to physiotherapy, and a claim number given to you by your insurer on approval of your claim. If you have not yet been allocated a claim number, we will need a contact (NTD or insurer) that we can follow up with to get these details. Approved claims have all their treatment fees deemed reasonable and necessary and related to the case, covered by the insurer. 

You will need to complete the form Insurance Details, along with a Client Registration and Consent form. Please bring any referral paperwork from your NTD and insurer. 


To see a physiotherapist under a DVA or EPC, you will need a GP referral. Please bring this referral to your appointment. You will need to complete a Client Registration and Consent form prior to your appointment.