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Sports Physiotherapy

To Brace or Not to Brace – Pros and Cons of Bracing

If you overstretch, overstress, strain, sprain, tear or rupture an anatomical structure in your body, the rehabilitation process can sometimes seem painful, overwhelming and daunting. Factors such as time off work for both rest and appointments and time away from competitive sport or training can feed into the negative conundrum of injuring oneself. Sometimes, it is challenging to know how to self manage your injury, leading to questions such as; do I use ice or heat?, do I rest it or move it?, should I go and get a scan?, should I use a brace? Rest assured, you are not on your own and this article chooses to answer one of those questions in particular; should I use a brace or not?

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Healing Timeframes – What to Expect After an Injury

So you’ve had a sprain, strain, tear, or tweak? No matter what the cause of a soft tissue injury, your healing is certain to follow a specific series of events in order to heal. The timeframe for each of these events will vary a bit depending on factors including your age, genetics, and current health, as well as the tissue or area injured. It will also be very dependent on treatment and management. However, in general you can expect the healing process to occur as follows:

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