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Our Telehealth Services

Peak Physio has been providing Telehealth Services to our clients on a local and international scale for years. Our expert practitioners utilise video call technology that facilitates real time diagnosis, education and treatment no matter the injury or concern.

This technology has allowed us to maintain a high level of patient care without limiting factors such as transport, location or mobility status.

What does Telehealth involve?

To complete a Telehealth Consultation you will need access to internet and either a computer or mobile device that has a microphone and camera.

Our administration team will provide a link to a call at your appointment time where you have a clear visual of your Physiotherapist. It is best to complete this in a space where there is minimal background noise and you have space around you.


Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals who are qualified in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries. Your Physiotherapist will initially conduct a subjective assessment. This is where you will discuss your primary concerns, pain patterns, medical and social history. During this assessment your Physiotherapist will guide you to work towards a diagnosis.

The objective assessment is where via video, you will complete a series of movements, actions or self-conducted strength assessments. Your Physiotherapist may ask you to perform a series of movements during this time to gain an understanding of your capacity.

Following this, your Physiotherapist will develop a comprehensive treatment program based on your assessment. This program will be designed to promote healing, restore normal range of motion and function, relieve pain, strengthen the area, and reduce risk of re-injury. 

Management techniques will include education around your diagnosis, healing and recovery, advice around hot/cold modalities and pharmacological intervention. The primary focus is on the prescription of mobility or strengthening exercises which may be used during the consultation and prescribed for independent completion. Manual therapy techniques will not be completed during a Telehealth consultation however self management strategies may be provided if appropriate.

Who is this useful for?

Telehealth consultations may be appropriate for the following population groups:

  • Elderly
  • Those without transport or mobility restrictions
  • Individuals living in rural or remote areas
  • Travellers
  • Acute injuries
  • NDIS clients
  • Chronic and persistent pain
  • Post operative rehabilitation
  • Pre operative rehabilitation
  • Neurodivergent

Having a resource such as Telehealth available, removes typical barriers for individuals requiring Physiotherapy intervention.

How to book?

If you or someone you know would benefit from Telehealth, book an appointment by calling our administration team or email us at info@peak-physio.com.au to find out more.