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Lunges help to build strength and control in the gluts, hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. They are also great at challenging balance, stability and core control

Static instructions:

  • Stand with both feet facing forward
  • Step the right foot in front keeping it in line with the hip joint
  • Come onto the balls of your left foot
  • Gently drop your back knee to the floor
  • Ensure your trunk stays upright  
  • Use a wall or railing for balance if needed
  • Repeat 10 times each side or as instructed by your physiotherapist

Reverse lunge:

  • Come into a standing position with the feet directly underneath the hips
  • Move one leg back behind you by extending the hip
  • Contact the ground with the balls of the feet and keep the heel lifted
  • Imagine that the feet are on train tracks here as opposed to a tight rope
  • Bend both knees simultaneously
  • Ensure the movement is directly towards the ground
  • Your Physiotherapist will determine the amount of bend required
  • Keep the weight in the heel of the leading leg
  • Straighten the knees and bring the feet back together
  • Repeat on the opposite side


  • If you are aware that you are unsteady or feeling weak in your legs, please use your hands on a stable surface throughout
  • Ensure to complete the exercise slowly and controlled  
  • Stop if you feel pain or are unsure of the technique
  • If you are unsure, please speak to your physiotherapist