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To book an ergonomic assessment in the Newcastle/Hunter region, please contact us on (02) 4929 3898. We can typically have an ergonomic assessment completed in 1-2 business days.

What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

Ergonomics is the design and configuration of workstations to fit the people who use them. An ergonomic assessment will take into account all of the attributes of the individual (e.g., height, weight, posture, habits, injury history, preferences, etc.) and then setup the workstation to make the environment as safe, efficient and comfortable as possible.

Ergonomic Assessment Newcastle NSW

Why are Ergonomic Assessments important?

Ergonomics is a cornerstone of workplace health. Many of us spend upwards of 90% of our workday sitting at a workstation. Spending such a prolonged period of time in any position is inherently problematic for the body. Spending thousands of hours per year sitting with a poor posture is a sure-fire recipe for injury.

It’s not just posture, though. Most of us are required to perform numerous repetitive tasks throughout the day, whether it’s typing, using a mouse, picking up the phone, referencing documents, or whatever else. How we perform these tasks matters.

It’s not that we’re likely to experience an injury doing something once, twice, or ten times. It’s on the thousandth repetition, when our muscles are weary and our brains fatigued, that injuries often occur. Doing a task in the most efficient manner (biomechanically speaking) reduces the load on our muscles, joints and ligaments, making injury a far less likely occurrence.

Work-related injuries are a huge cost to all involved. Businesses ultimately pay for work-related injuries through substantial increases in insurance premiums, but also need to account for lost productivity and management costs. At an individual level, work-related injuries can cause significant pain, stress and financial hardship. Prevention is always better than cure!

Why choose Peak Physio for Ergonomic Assessments in Newcastle?

Our physiotherapists have extensive experience in ergonomics and are experts in injury prevention. While some treat ergonomics as a box-ticking exercise, we believe it is one of the most important investments a business can make in their employees’ health. We have practitioners available with over 10 years of corporate health consulting experience, so you know you’ll be getting the highest level of service.

Moreover, Peak Physio is a local business which has been helping the Newcastle community since 2012. We greatly value local commercial relationships and will go above and beyond to ensure the best result for you and your employees.

What does an Ergonomic Assessment with Peak Physio include?

  • One-on-one consultation with the worker to understand the job requirements and any injuries or areas of concern.
  • Full workstation/ergonomic assessment conducted by a registered physiotherapist with extensive experience in ergonomics.
  • Discussion with the employer/referrer to review any ergonomic recommendations or concerns etc.
  • Comprehensive ergonomic assessment report.

Will we need to buy new ergonomic equipment?

It may be advisable in some cases to offer additional equipment to employees to improve their ergonomics. Our aim is to always create an excellent ergonomic environment with the currently available equipment and to only prescribe equipment where it is reasonable and necessary to do so. Our physiotherapist will discuss any equipment prescriptions with the employer first to ensure recommendations are appropriate and feasible.

Want to know more about our Ergonomic Assessments?

If you have any other questions in relation to organising an ergonomic assessment in Newcastle, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A consultant will be available to speak with you right away.