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Physiotherapy & Pilates in Newcastle NSW

Physiotherapy & Pilates Experts in Newcastle NSW

Peak Physio is one of Newcastle’s most trusted providers of health, fitness, and rehabilitation services. Our physiotherapists & exercise physiologists are experts in injury management having helped over 8,000 clients since 2012.



Our physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals who are qualified in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal problems.

Remedial Massage

Our qualified massage therapists are widely trained in Massage Therapy, including Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Pregnancy Massage and more.


With the correct prescription of exercises and effective teaching, Pilates is a useful tool for physiotherapists in retraining strength without dysfunction after injury.

Newcastle physiotherapy experts, also providing:

* Exercise Physiology * Sports Physiotherapy * Trigger Point Dry Needling * Headache Management * Women’s Health * Work Injury, CTP, EPC Programs * Personal Training * Ergonomic Assessments * Pre-employment Medicals *

Appointments available Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm



Newcastle Physiotherapy Clinic

Level 1, 7 Newcomen Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

Phone: (02) 4929 3898


Peak Physio opened in 2012 to provide Physiotherapy and Pilates to the Newcastle community. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of patients recover from injury and return to full function. Our results have helped us to become known as the Newcastle physiotherapy experts.

The physiotherapists at Peak Physio practice with a strong “hands on” approach, utilising massage, manual therapies, dry needling and manipulation, teamed up with exercise therapy through strengthening and rehabilitation.

We also have a significant focus on Pilates, post-surgical physiotherapy, sports physio, pain management, women’s health, customised exercise/personal training programs and corporate health.

Conveniently located in the heart of Newcastle City, Peak Physio is your number one choice for high-quality, effective, professional physiotherapy treatment.


Physiotherapist | Exercise Physiologist
MScMed MPhty BExScRehab

Laith is a registered Physiotherapist with a decade of clinical experience. He has worked across a wide range of healthcare disciplines in exercise physiology, physiotherapy, personal training and corporate health consulting. As a treating physiotherapist, Laith has extensive experience with musculoskeletal injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, postural correction, and the management of complex and chronic pain conditions. He holds masters degrees in Physiotherapy and Pain Management.


B. Physiotherapy (Hons)

Olivia is a registered physiotherapist from the University of Newcastle with a keen interest in running, sports performance, women’s health and dance rehabilitation. Olivia has completed additional training in dry needling, back / neck pathology, Pre-Pointe Ballet Assessments and a FIFA diploma. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys running, yoga, spending time at the beach and relaxing with friends and family.


B Sc. Physiotherapy

Ariane is a physiotherapist from the University of Newcastle who has spent a large portion of her life competing in several sports. She represented Canada in four world triathlon championships. She also completed two Ironman triathlons, over 25 marathons and several 80-100km ultra trail races along the way. She is a level 3 Yoga teacher and has a particular interest in the ageing active person who would like to stay injury free. In her free time, Ariane enjoys a good coffee, running in Glenrock trails, doing yoga in her pj’s. She also loves to spend time with her family and Border Collie Hobbes.


Reception &

Born and bred in Newcastle, Cheryl trained in administration (specialising in the medical field) and has extensive experience in customer service related positions. Always a friendly face, she is responsible for the administrative technical operations of Peak Physio and for always producing the warm and welcoming environment. Having helped the practice develop since 2014, Cheryl is a familiar encounter to all of our loyal physiotherapy clients.


A series of articles written by the staff of Peak Physio in the interests of keeping the Newcastle community in peak health.

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Ergonomics: Workplace Health and Why it Matters

We’ve all been there – you get up from your desk at work, you bend over to pick something up, or you go to do that one thing you do at work over and over. Even though it seems like a simple, routine thing, this time you feel an intense pain. Did you do something wrong this time? Maybe. Or maybe this has been the result of a long line of little mistakes?

The solution?


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Pain Management: Simple Strategies for Dealing with Persistent Pain

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Is Fat to Blame? The Relationship Between Weight & Pain

It has become common knowledge that in this 21st century our society is battling rising rates of obesity. Over the years there have been huge amounts of research that links higher obesity rates with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer and… the list is endless. 

However it is less commonly known that being overweight and carrying even a little bit more weight than we should can be linked to experiencing pain.

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Dry Needling: Everything You Need to Know

Physiotherapists have a reputation for brutally digging into trigger points (or ‘muscle knots’, as they are colloquially known) with their hands, thumbs, fingers and even sometimes elbows, leaving their patients feeling battered and bruised (temporarily, of course!).

If only there was a technique that could treat trigger points without inflicting the same amount of pain, and without causing grown men to weep. There is, in fact, such a technique and an increasing number of physiotherapists are becoming trained in it, sparing their precious hands and their patients’ pain thresholds at the same time.

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Women’s Health Physiotherapy: The Problems No One Talks About

Historically, physiotherapists have been known mainly for treating back and neck pain or running onto a football field when a player has sustained an injury. However, the emerging practice of “gender health” or “pelvic health” physiotherapy and, specifically, Women’s Health has recently garnered increased publicity. Many patients with pelvic dysfunction are suffering in silence, not aware that help is available. So we think it’s time that we devoted a little more space to the problems that no one wants to talk about.

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