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Pilates Reformers

Pilates was created by Josef Pilates in the 1920s. Physiotherapists have been adapting the techniques and principles developed by Josef Pilates for use in the clinical setting and rehabilitation. Pilates is a unique form of exercise that uses controlled movements and exercise series to train stabilisation and achieve muscle balance. It is particularly effective in the treatment of muscle dysfunction, weakness, chronic pain, optimising athletic performance, pre/post natal recovery, return to exercise and more. With the correct prescription of exercises and effective teaching, Pilates is a useful tool for physiotherapists in retraining strength without dysfunction after injury.

At Peak Physio, Clinical Pilates is used frequently used to complete a patient’s rehabilitation. This is achieved in the clinical setting during your physiotherapy sessions, and/or through our Pilates classes. All classes at Peak Physio are conducted by qualified Physiotherapists.

Clinical Pilates Classes in Newcastle NSW

Our Pilates classes combine the use of equipment (reformers, foam rollers, swiss balls, etc) and floor based exercises. Each class member is individually prescribed an exercise program developed following an initial physiotherapy assessment.

Importantly, Pilates classes at Peak are limited to 4 clients so that the instructing physiotherapist can monitor each client closely and make individualised recommendations regarding technique and exercise progression.

Pilates / Physiotherapy Assessment

To join a Pilates class you need to attend a physiotherapy assessment first. You can book this as you would a standard physiotherapy assessment at Peak. During this assessment your physiotherapist will review your history and ascertain your goals. The physiotherapist will then conduct an objective physical assessment to investigate any pre-existing injuries, tightness, weakness, muscle imbalances, etc. The physio will also need to look at your current level of “core function” by assessing your ability to activate the correct muscles in the correct sequence, and measuring your current level of strength. This is also an opportunity for them to teach you how to activate correctly if required.

Extended sessions are preferred by our Physios to allow sufficient time to comprehensively assess you and develop your program. If you have already been seeing your physio for an existing injury, they may just request half an hour to get an assessment done (since they will already be familiar with your body and condition / complaint).

If you’re unsure about any aspect of the assessment or classes, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates

We also offer Pilates classes specifically for the Pre and Post Natal population. These are opened on demand and take up to 8 attendees. You will need to book your place in the class, and an assessment will need to be conducted to see if any adaptations are needed for you in the class. If a full class is not running, we can cater to individual needs in our general classes, as they are designed specifically for you and are limited to 4 participants to ensure we can keep a close eye on your program and technique.

Why Choose Peak Physio for Pilates Classes?

It’s important to remember that our classes are not generic; every participant undergoes a full physiotherapy assessment and is prescribed a completely individualised exercise program. Physiotherapists are experts in movement, ensuring that all exercises are safe, appropriate and specific to your needs. While we use Pilates equipment and techniques, our physiotherapist will also prescribe other treatments and exercises where appropriate, so that you always receive optimal care and results.

We’re also conveniently located in the heart of the Newcastle CBD.