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Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, & Pilates
Experts in Newcastle, Rutherford & Budgewoi NSW

Peak Physio is one of Newcastle’s most trusted providers of health, fitness, and rehabilitation services. Our physiotherapists & exercise physiologists are experts in injury management having helped over 20,000 clients since 2012.



Our physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals who are qualified in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal problems.

Exercise Physiology

Our ESSA-accredited Exercise Physiologists are experts in exercise-based rehabilitation, chronic disease management, and peak performance training.


With the correct prescription of exercises and effective teaching, Pilates is a useful tool for physiotherapists in retraining strength without dysfunction after injury.

Newcastle physiotherapy experts, also providing:

* Exercise Physiology * Sports Physiotherapy * Dry Needling * Shockwave * Post-Surgical Rehabilitation * Headache Management * Women’s Health * Work Injury & CTP * Medicare & EPC Programs * Ergonomic Assessments * Pre-employment Medicals *



Phone: (02) 4929 3898
Level 1, 7 Newcomen St, Newcastle, NSW 2300

Newcastle West

Phone: (02) 4940 0401
Suite 2, 826 Hunter St, Newcastle West, NSW 2302


Phone: (02) 4932 5555
7/18 East Mall, Rutherford, NSW 2320


Phone: (02) 4390 0299
3/54 Tenth Ave Budgewoi, NSW 2262


Peak Physio opened in 2012 to provide Physiotherapy and Pilates to the Newcastle community. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of patients recover from injury and return to full function. Our results have helped us to become known as the Newcastle physiotherapy experts.

The physiotherapists at Peak Physio practice with a strong “hands on” approach, utilising massage, manual therapies, dry needling and manipulation, teamed up with exercise therapy through strengthening and rehabilitation.

We also have a significant focus on Pilates, post-surgical physiotherapy, sports physio, pain management, women’s health, customised exercise/personal training programs and corporate health.

Peak Physio is your number one choice for high-quality, effective, professional physiotherapy treatment.


Physiotherapist /
Exercise Physiologist
MScMed MPhty BExScRehab
Laith is a registered physiotherapist with over a decade of clinical experience. He has worked across a wide range of healthcare disciplines in exercise physiology, physiotherapy, personal training and corporate health consulting. As a treating physiotherapist, Laith has extensive experience with musculoskeletal injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, postural correction, and the management of complex and chronic pain conditions. He holds masters degrees in Physiotherapy and Pain Management.


BPhysio (Hons)
Olivia is a registered physiotherapist from the University of Newcastle with a keen interest in running, sports performance, women’s health and dance rehabilitation. Olivia has completed additional training in dry needling, back / neck pathology, women’s health, clinical pilates, pre-pointe ballet assessments and a FIFA diploma. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys running, triathlon, spending time at the beach and relaxing with friends and family.


BPhysio (Hons) BCom MHRM CD
Ariane is a physiotherapist from the University of Newcastle who has spent much of her life competing in sports. She has completed numerous marathons and 100km ultra trail races, even representing Canada in the world triathlon championships! As a physiotherapist, Ariane has extensive training, having attained additional qualifications in dry needling and completed advanced courses in lumbar, pelvic, and hip rehabilitation. Ariane is also a level 3 Yoga teacher and has a particular interest in the ageing active person. In her free time, Ariane enjoys a good coffee, running Glenrock trails, and spending time with her family and Border Collie Hobbes.


BPhysio (Hons)
Alexi graduated from the University of Newcastle. Since then, she has completed further courses in Sports Injury Management and Rehab, Spinal Pathologies, Shoulder Pathologies, Gerontology and Clinical Pilates. Alexi also has clinical experience treating orthopaedic injuries and neurological conditions having worked in the acute hospital setting, giving her an understanding of the recovery process from the acute to end stage rehabilitation. Outside of physiotherapy, Alexi loves playing netball and long distance running, or enjoying the company of family and friends.


MPhty BHealthSci
Jason is an experienced physiotherapist who enjoys working with all types of clients but retains a special interest in sports injuries & back/neck pain. He has completed additional training in shoulder, hip, and knee pathologies, as well as dry needling. Jason prides himself on using the latest evidence but understands the importance of putting patients at the centre of their recovery, emphasising that people “don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Jason has been a physiotherapist for semi-professional Australian Rules teams and is a high-level athlete himself, having played 100 games in the VFL.


BPhysio (Hons)
Mekaela is a physiotherapist from the University of Newcastle who completed her honours thesis on osteoarthritis of the knee. She has previously worked in a variety of settings, including as a sports trainer, allied health assistant, and as a disability support worker with NDIS clients. Mekaela enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds but especially loves treating seniors. Outside of work, Mekaela enjoys playing touch football, hiking, and bushwalking the beautiful trails in Newcastle and the Central Coast.


BPhysio (Hons)
Jed is a registered Physiotherapist, graduating from the University of Newcastle. Jed gained valuable experience throughout University when working as a Sports Trainer for local football clubs, and was also selected for a 10 week placement at the Newcastle Jets in the final year of his study. Jed enjoys working with a wide range of people and conditions, from sporting and running injuries, to assisting in healthy ageing. In his spare time, Jed enjoys playing football, running, travelling, and camping trips.


Robyn is an experienced physiotherapist and has been a committed member of the Budgewoi team for 15 years. She has a high standing in the community and has raised her family in the area. Robyn is dedicated to caring for a person as a whole, bringing her expertise in the three pillars of physiotherapy management: manual therapy, exercise prescription and expert advice. She has a keen interest in self empowerment and healthy ageing. Robyn is an avid tennis player and sports fan, and enjoys skiing, walking and swimming. She pursues art as her hobby.


Jennifer is an experienced physiotherapist who graduated from Charles Sturt University in Albury. She has experience across the spectrum of healthcare, including private practice and hospitals in NSW, SA, Victoria and Queensland. Jennifer has done further training in dry needling, therapeutic yoga, and pilates, which she incorporates into her treatment. She enjoys working with people of all ages but has a special interest in treating vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, trekking, camping and generally enjoying the outdoors to the fullest.


BPhysio (Hons)
Jai is a physiotherapist from the University of Newcastle who enjoys treating a broad spectrum of clients with varying goals and levels of fitness. He is a sports enthusiast and has worked extensively as a sports trainer with local soccer, AFL, and netball teams, but also holds a strong interest in healthy ageing for seniors and all forms of musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Jai has also completed further training in dry needling and incorporates this technique into his practise. Outside of work, Jai loves training in brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, and spending time with his friends and family.


Administration Manager
Born and bred in Newcastle, Cheryl trained in medical administration and has extensive experience in customer service related positions. Always a friendly face, she is responsible for the administrative technical operations of Peak Physio and for always producing the warm and welcoming environment. Having helped the practice develop since 2014, Cheryl is a familiar encounter to all of our loyal physiotherapy clients.


Reception & Administration
A Maitland local with vast experience in administration and customer service, Michelle looks after reception at our Rutherford clinic. She loves meeting clients from all walks of life and always goes above and beyond to assist. Outside of work, you’ll likely find Michelle refining her swing at one the region’s beautiful golf courses.



A series of articles written by the staff of Peak Physio in the interests of keeping the Newcastle community in peak health.

Swimmers Shoulder

Swimmers Shoulder is an umbrella term for shoulder pain incurred from greater training demand, inappropriate load or impaired joint biomechanics during the swim stroke. Pain will typically present in the anterolateral shoulder as a result of impingement, rotator cuff tendinopathy or tear, labral injuries or neurological impingement. Each stroke varies in the musculoskeletal demands which can be refined to ensure performance optimisation.

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Hypermobility Disorders

The term hypermobility is one easily conceptualised by the general population, there is increased movement beyond the ‘normal’ joint range of motion. Hypermobility has historically dominated the sphere of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics as advantageous skill acquisition. Outside of acquired hypermobility which is often used for performance gains, there is a spectrum of hypermobility disorders from asymptomatic to symptomatic hereditary syndromes. Across this scale there are varying symptoms which are not consistent across each categorisation. This varied presentation can increase time to diagnosis and often limit clients from receiving the care required.

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Inflammatory back pain

Back pain is a common complaint presenting in > 80% of adults. Low back pain can be classified into acute, subacute, and chronic dependent on the duration of symptoms. Your Physiotherapist will use your consultation to screen for serious pathology and categorise whether the pain is inflammatory in nature, structural, radicular, disocgenic or that of a chronic pain disorder. Inflammatory back pain is oftentimes misdiagnosed as chronic back pain or SIJ disorders. The aim of this article is to clarify the diagnosis of inflammatory back pain and outline the steps needed by both patient and primary care provider for management.

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The Power of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the body’s seven essential minerals that is crucial for overall health. It enables over 300 chemical reactions that are indispensable for cellular health and function. Minerals help with building bone strength, moderate fluid transfer in and out of cells and transforms the food you eat into energy. Magnesium also works to maintain function of our muscles, heart and brain.

Magnesium is a precursor to the regulation of neurotransmitters by controlling the release of hormones through the body. This in return aids in proper muscle function, synthesises of protein, regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar, as well as reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

The diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) can be overwhelming. It can make you question how your pelvic floor will function, child-bearing plans, continence and the impact on physical activity and sex. This article aims to explain the pelvic floor, its function, what prolapse is and what treatment options are available.

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