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Physiotherapy Appointments

Online booking is encouraged. No referral required.

We are open Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm. Please phone or email to request an appointment time; we aim to answer all emails within an hour during the week.

An initial consultation will involve assessment of the injury or area of concern. Provided adequate information and diagnosis is gained during the assessment, usually the physiotherapist manages to start treatment on the first session.

Standard appointments take approximately 30 mins. Extended consultations (up to 60 mins) are available on request. Most clients find 30 mins is adequate to assess one area of concern with time to start treatment during your initial consultation. If you have multiple complaints, a complex injury or history, or have more than one area of concern that you would like to address during your initial consultation, it is likely you will need an extended session.

Follow up is organised between you and your physiotherapist according to your particular needs and your physiotherapist’s professional opinion. Your physiotherapist will guide you for booking future appointments.

Please wear or bring suitable clothing for the physiotherapist to view the area of concern through multiple positions and activities. Adequate toweling is used to drape as required in order to maintain your privacy. Each assessment is unique as it is driven by the presentation and history of your complaint. If you have any concerns or requirements, please discuss these with your therapist.

All clients must complete a Client Registration and Consent form.



Initial physio consultation Standard (½ hour)  $95
Extended (1 hour)    $135
Follow up physio consultation Standard (½ hour)  $85
Extended (1 hour)    $125
Student/Pensioner discount* Standard (½ hour)  $78
Extended (1 hour)    $115

*ID is required


Pilates Assessment (required to attend Pilates classes) Standard (1 hour) $135
Classes Casual attendance $45
10 visit pass $400

The 10 visit pass allocates you 10 Pilates classes and will be redeemed only for the class dates you attend. Purchasing your pass books your position in the class, so you will always have a spot allocated. Provided you notify staff (24hours notice required), you will not be charged a pass if you cannot attend a class, and the pass will be used for the 10 visits you attend only. You can also attend other classes casually as they are available using your 10 visit pass.

Pelvic floor or Continence

Initial consultation Allow 1 hour+ $135
Follow up Standard (½ hour) $78
Extended $120

Pessary Fittings are an additional fee of $100 on top of your appointment. This covers the cost of the device.

Health Fund Rebates for Physiotherapy

HiCAPS is available for instant claiming of your private health fund and for processing Medicare payments electronically. As Pilates is supplied by qualified physiotherapists, claiming for Pilates classes may be accepted by your health fund – please call your fund to enquire. We cannot process health funds for Pilates class attendance on HiCAPs, but you will be given your receipt (or 10 visit redemption summary) for you to claim these independently.

EPC/DVA referrals are accepted.

Payment is required at the time of the consultation.