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Child’s Pose is a classic Yoga manoeuvre for the lower back, stretching lats and posterior shoulders and opening up the hips. It can be completed independently or with a Swiss ball as shown below.

Instructions: Swiss Ball

  • Kneel in front of stability ball
  • Rest both of your hands up on the stability ball about shoulder-width apart
  • Sit your buttocks back onto your heels (or as far as you can manage comfortably)
  • At the same time, stretch and push the ball away from your body
  • Complete as per Physiotherapist instruction


  • Take care if you have a history of knee pain. This can be a challenging position with the knees fully flexed.
  • If you are pregnant, be careful not to compress your belly into your thighs. Try moving your knees apart to create more space.

Instructions: independent

  • Come into 4 point kneeling on a soft surface
  • Widen the knees to the width of the mat or as comfortable
  • Gently pushing through the palms, send the buttocks towards the heels and allow the arms to rest on the mat
  • Breathe deeply into the belly and relax the shoulders, neck and jaw
  • Sustain as advised by your Physiotherapist

Other tips

  • If you’re unable to keep your bottom on your heels, roll up a towel and wedge it at the back of your knees.
  • If you feel a pinching sensation in the front of your shoulders – don’t push the ball as far forward, back off the stretch slightly.
  • If you experience pain from kneeling, try placing a pillow underneath your knees for added support.