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  • Sitting upright in a chair
  • Use the long edge of a towel or a pillow case and sit it across the affected level as indicated by your therapist, with one edge of the towel/pillow case in either hand
  • Apply a comfortable but firm pressure by pulling the ends of the towel/pillow case keeping the ends in-line with your eye level/height
  • Maintaining this pressure, lower one arm below your shoulder (this is the side you will turn to)
  • Turn your head to look over your shoulder as far as comfortable, towards the side of the arm you just lowered – your other hand should follow your line of sight, always maintaining the same pressure
  • Repeat this exercise as instructed by your physiotherapist


  • If you experience any temporary symptoms regarding lightheadedness, dizziness, double vision or extreme pain stop the exercise immediately and contact your physiotherapist
  • If any of these symptoms persist, present to your nearest emergency department immediately