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  • Your Physiotherapist will provide or recommend a Theraband of appropriate resistance for this exercise
  • Anchor the Theraband to a sturdy point, low to the ground forming a hoop
  • Come onto all fours on a soft but firm surface such as a yoga mat or carpet
  • Secure the loop of the resistance band at the groin where the hip meets the thigh
  • Move the hands and knees away from the anchor point to generate tension on the target limb
  • Ensure the wrists are directly under the shoulders and the knees are directly under the hips
  • Draw the knee of the target limb towards the stomach
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapists instructions
  • NB: your Physiotherapist may advise a change in directional pull from the Theraband. This can be completed by moving the body to the side to form a diagonal resistance.


  • Ensure that the spine remains in neutral and you are not dropping the belly or rounding through the lower back
  • Avoid holding the breath