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This movement involves both internal and external rotation of the hip joint. As a combination movement involving mobility and lengthening of the hip musculature of the hip this exercise generates great bang for buck! The following videos demonstrate a seated and lying variation. Your Physiotherapist will advise which is most appropriate.


  • Lie down on the back on a comfortable surface
  • Bend the knees so the feet are flat on the ground and keep the shoulders flat on the ground
  • Take the knees towards the same side allowing the hips to move off the mat as comfortable
  • Draw the knees back to centre and slowly take them to the opposing side
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapist guidelines


  • Come into a sitting posture and take one limb in front of the body with a bent knee
  • The ankle should be in line with the knee and the shin is parallel to the body
  • Take the opposite limb to the side of the hip with the inside of the leg in contact with the floor
  • Again the knee is stacked over the top of the ankle
  • Using the hands over the front leg lean the chest forward whilst rolling through the sit bones
  • Then take the hands behind you and rotate the legs into the opposing position
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapist guidelines