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Nerve sliders or neural ‘flossing’ provide an effective strategy to alleviate neural tension within the muscle interface that is passes through. The anatomy of neural tissue varies greatly from that of a muscle therefore improving mobility is achieved differently to traditional stretching methods.


  • Position yourself in comfortable standing posture
  • With a bent elbow elevate the arm to 90 degrees from the side body
  • Maintaining a bent elbow turn the palm up to the roof
  • Extend the wrist as if you’re holding a plate flat on the palm
  • Commence with the arm bent at 90 degrees
  • Slowly extend the hand to the point of resistance either felt at the upper arm, elbow, or forearm
  • Begin to then bend the elbow and flex the wrist so the fingers are pointing towards the head
  • As the elbow bends, take the ear towards the opposite shoulder
  • Return the head to neutral as you recommence extending the arm
  • Repeat this ‘flossing’ motion as per Physiotherapists instructions


  • Avoid dropping the elbow from the elevated position
  • Ensure the shoulder does not rise to the ear