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The Pogo Jump varies from skipping or jumping as the movement is completed on ‘stiff’ legs. The goal is to generate the movement with the ankle exclusively. The following videos demonstrate a bilateral and unilateral variation, your Physiotherapist will prescribe one that is appropriate for you.

Bilateral Instructions:

  • With straight knees, bring the weight forward onto the toes as you push your heels off the ground
  • Land on stiff legs and propel immediately again through the ankle
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapist guidelines

Unilateral instructions:

  • Using a step, place the unaffected limb onto the step
  • Stand at the top with the target limb off the step
  • As you bend through the knee of the leg on the step, lower the target limb to the floor on a stiff leg
  • Keep the target knee straight and propel yourself into a jump with the ankle only
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapist guidelines