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Tightness in the thoracic spine or rib cage can be limiting for the whole spine. It can restrict movement in the area locally and affect the neck and lower back.  It can also limit ability to gain an efficient breathe. Releasing this area with a spiky ball or a roller can be of great benefit


  • Sit with knees bent up
  • Place the roller behind you and place your hands behind your head for support
  • Gently lower yourself back until the middle of your rib cage is resting on the roller
  • Press through your feet and lift your pelvis off the ground
  • Roll up and down and roll side to side on the roller by pressing through your feet and ensure your head is supported by your hands
  • You can also leave your pelvis on the ground and arch back over the roller and curl forward to change how you are releasing the area
  • If you find a sore spot you can hold and wait on that point until the tightness subsides
  • Complete for 5 mins or as instructed


  • The roller can be significantly sore when using it to release the fascia and muscles.
  • Exercise caution and use to the level of soreness you can tolerate 
  • If you are unsure, please speak to your physiotherapist