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These two videos demonstrate the same style of contraction in supine and prone lying positions. Your Physiotherapist will determine which is appropriate for you. There are varying ranges also demonstrated, you and your Physiotherapist will determine which range to work into dependent on pain levels and rehabilitation goals.

Instructions: Supine

  • Come into lying on your back with the target limb bent. Initially these exercises commence at 90 degrees as demonstrated at the start of the video.
  • Dig the heel down and back towards your sit bone. You should feel your hamstring active during this contraction.
  • Sustain the contraction for 5s or as designated by your therapist.

Instructions: Prone

  • Lying on your stomach, bend the target knee to 90 degrees and apply resistance or a ‘block’ with the opposing limb.
  • Sustain for 5s or as designated by your therapist.
  • Continue to reduce the amount of knee bend as determined appropriate with your Physiotherapist.