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  • Secure the resistance band to a high position or use a cable machine.
  • Extend your arms so your hands are above shoulder height
  • Keeping your elbows straight, pull the band down past your hips and slowly return
  • Continue as prescribed by your physiotherapist

Cable Pull Down Instructions:

  • Connect a straight bar to the cable machine and then position cable above head height
  • Hold onto the bar with both hands overhead, keeping the arms straight
  • Bend the knees to brace your lower limb and slightly lean forward.
  • Select an appropriate weight, as prescribed by your physiotherapist
  • From here, bring your arms straight down towards your body
  • Control the arms back to the starting position and repeat as per physiotherapist instruction

Large Range Shoulder Extension:

  • Position yourself in front of the cable machine
  • Standing firm with feet hip width, core engaged
  • Pull cable down past midline with arms straight towards the back of the room
  • Control the return
  • Repeat as per physiotherapist guidelines


  • Keep within a range that is comfortable
  • Avoid over arching your back during this exercise (the weight may be too heavy if this occurs)
  • If you experience any pain please notify your physiotherapist