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Once you can complete one variation of this exercise comfortably and pain free, work your way through these progressions as instructed by your physiotherapist

Chair Squat: Double leg shallow

  • keeping your feet level with each other, squat down to touch your bum on the chair
  • a higher chair means a shallower squat which places lower load on your knees

Chair Squat: Double leg shallow with staggered stance

  • to increase the challenge, you can stagger your feet
  • whichever foot is closer to you will do more work
  • this is a great way to increase the load on an injured lower limb without going deeper into the squat

Chair Squat: Double leg deeper

  • to increase the challenge you may want to move to a lower chair which will mean a deeper squat
  • going lower into the squat increases the load on your knee

Chair Squat: Deeper with staggered stance

  • if you want to increase the load further, you may go deeper into the squat in addition to staggering your feet
  • remember, whichever foot is closer will do more work

Chair Squat: Single leg down, double leg up

  • now we are moving towards some single leg variations
  • this option is great if you are not yet able to complete a full single leg chair squat

Chair Squat: Single leg

  • the final chair squat progression is doing it on one leg
  • this requires a great deal of strength and control
  • aim to keep your knee still and don’t let it wobble or ‘fall in’ towards your midline


  • If you experience an increase in symptoms during or after this exercise please contact your physiotherapist for advice