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This exercise is typically utilised during shoulder rehabilitation whereby full extension of the shoulder on a bench may not be appropriate. The use of a ball or end of a dumbbell enhances the recruitment of the rotator cuff.


  • Position yourself on your back with the knees bent
  • With the prescribed weight in hand, bend the elbow so the wrist is stacked above the elbow
  • Move the arm away from the body between 45-90 degrees
  • Press the weight overhead and slowly return to the start position
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapists guidelines

Kettlebell variation:

  • Come to a position lying on your back either on the floor or a bench
  • Use a kettle bell with the weighted part facing up towards the roof
  • Press the kettlebell up towards the roof and control back to the starting position
  • Repeat as per physiotherapist guidelines