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Instructions: elbow flexion, neutral wrist

  • Come into sitting or standing with the elbow bent to 90 degrees
  • With the palm facing downward, resist the upward movement of the hand
  • This can be completed using your own hand, a flat firm surface such as a table or a dumbbell (see videos below)
  • Hold for a period of time determined by your Physiotherapist, this will usually be in seconds
  • Repeat as per Physiotherapist guidelines

Instructions: elbow flexion, wrist extension

  • Complete as per the above instructions with the wrist in extension
  • Sustain as per Physiotherapists instructions

Instructions: elbow extension

  • Come into sitting holding a dumbbell palm down
  • Keep the wrist in neutral
  • Extend the elbow and hold for the period of time determined by your Physiotherapist