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We often blame our upper traps for being too tight. This might result in neck pain and possible cervicogenic headaches. The trapezius is divided into three parts; the upper part having descending fibres, the middle part across your shoulder blades, and the lower part starting at the lower thoracic junction going up to the shoulder blades. When your upper traps are tight, the lower fibres may not be working optimally. By learning to engage the lower portion helps relax the upper fibres around the top of your shoulders and neck.


  • Comfortably lie down on your belly
  • Drop your shoulders down onto the bed/floor
  • Start by relaxing the muscles at the top of your shoulders (upper trapezius)
  • Slowly engage the muscle from your lower shoulder blade and pull it towards the spine
  • Hold for 5 seconds
  • Slowly lower back to the ground
  • Repeat as per your physiotherapist guidelines


  • Make sure your neck is neutral and you feel comfortable