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Sports Physiotherapy

Sporting injuries require more extensive rehabilitation in order to return to sporting level without restriction and with minimal chances of re-injury. In this way, sports injuries require specific analysis or the injury as well as an understanding of the requirements of the sport. 

We aim to rehabilitation the athlete, within the guidelines of the injury or surgery received, in the minimal amount of time with the goals of returning to full normal function and minimal re-injury risk. Your physiotherapist will develop a comprehensive treatment program based on your sporting requirements, surgical requirements (if appropriate), assessment, and outcome expectations. This sports physiotherapy program will be designed to support your healing process while restoring normal range of motion, strength, function, return to sport, and reducing the risk of re-injury. 

Hands on techniques, such as massage, trigger point dry needling, joint mobilization, taping and stretching, are regularly used in treatment. Braces may be required during your return to sport and these are ordered in independently so we can select the right brace for your injury and sport. Self-management is frequently a part of your rehabilitation and you will most certainly be given self management techniques, return to exercise and sport guidelines, and a home program to assist in your return to normal function and sporting performance.