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Physiotherapy and Neck Pain

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that is aimed at helping people feel better, move better and stay pain-free by means of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of simple, and/or complex conditions. Physiotherapists work in a number of different streams and settings; however we are most commonly known for our work in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. This multifaceted specialty most commonly revolves around the ligaments, muscles, bones and joints in the body and their role in contributing to pain and dysfunction.

Neck pain can be complex

As musculoskeletal physiotherapists, we are no strangers to dealing with neck pain, just as our clients are no strangers to suffering from it. Neck pain can interfere with life’s daily activities and causes major discomfort. It can be exacerbated by stiffness, poor posture, muscle weakness or imbalance, injury history, and a number of other things. Furthermore, symptoms are not necessarily limited to the neck but may also refer to the arms in the form of pain and/or numbness, or may even cause headaches. This can make neck problems particularly complex to manage and that is where physiotherapy comes in!

Physiotherapy treatment for neck pain

No matter the severity of your symptoms, physiotherapy can help! Our aim is to work with you in an effort to help you feel better and free of your symptoms in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our physiotherapists may utilise interventions such as:

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Dry needling
  • Trigger point release
  • Postural advice and correction
  • Exercise and/or manual therapy

Typically, treatment will entail some combination of most, if not all, of the above to help settle your symptoms. In addition, to ensure the longevity of our success with you in managing your neck pain, we strive to equip you with the movement, knowledge and skills you need by means of education and self-management strategies so that your neck pain no longer becomes a problem again down the track.

If you’re having trouble with neck pain, come and see us today at Peak Physio!