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Can’t Sleep? Leg Cramps? Read this…

Do you have a problem with leg cramps during the night?

Do these cramps cause pain, and disturb your sleep?

If this sounds familiar you are not alone. Up to 33% of the general population over the age of 50 experience nocturnal leg cramps. A further 20% of these people also experience these cramps during the day. Nocturnal leg cramps are defined as ‘episodes of painful involuntary muscle contractions of the leg, calf, and foot, which occur at night and which recur at sporadic intervals’.

Causes of Leg Cramps

The cause of these cramps largely remains a mystery. Traditionally, it was believed that the cramps were as a result of dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and lactic acid build up. However, new research now suggests that a more likely cause is prolonged sitting, poor or abnormal posture, and poor flexibility.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Leg Cramps

Although some medications have a moderate effect on the cramps, they generally have also produce negative side effects. Alternatively, research published in the Journal of Physiotherapy has shown that a program of calf and hamstring stretches before bed can reduce the frequency and intensity of cramps. Your physiotherapist can help with the implementation of such a program. So, if you are sick of losing sleep at night due to your cramps, and you want a safe and time efficient management strategy give your physiotherapist a call.


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