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Moving from a sitting position to a standing position is one of the most basic skills we use daily as humans. It is important from the minute we wake until we lay our heads down at night. From getting out of bed, to sitting on the toilet, to sitting for meals – we need to be able to get up again from those positions. So, the exercise practice of sitting to standing is a great way to maintain this skill and to build strength and control for this basic and essential activity


  • Sitting- shuffle your bottom forward towards the front of the chair
  • Please use your hands on the chair if needed – or attempt with no hands if able
  • Lean your trunk forward and place your weight firmly on the floor
  • Press through your feet and press the knees gently wide
  • Press through your feet (and hands if needed) and stand up
  • To reverse the process, ensure you can feel the chair at the back of your knees
  • Place your hands back to feel for the chair
  • Let your sit bones swing back bending your knees and leaning your trunk forward
  • Lower yourself slowly and safely to the chair
  • Repeat the up and down action x 10 times 2/day


Complete with theraband above the knee joint and press out against the theraband with your legs


  • If you are aware that you are unsteady or feeling weak in your legs, please use your hands throughout
  • Ensure to complete the exercise slowly and controlled
  • Stop if you feel pain or are unsure of the technique
  • If you are unsure, please speak to your physiotherapist